Overnight Hiking In Georgia

Overnight Hiking In Georgia

Georgia, the southern US state wedged in between Alabama, Florida and South Carolina. The state is littered with diverse terrain, and host to several trails for backpacking and hiking enthusiasts alike.

So, let’s check out some of the best overnight hiking trails in Georgia, and give you a low down on each one. Whether you are an avid hiker, or somebody seeking a new challenge, you are sure to get excited by these adventures.

North Georgia Bartram Trail

  • Location: North Georgia
  • Length: 70 mile round trip

Kicking off the list is the Bartram Trail situated in the North of the state. It is an epic route, and it follows the journey taken by a famous botanist who explored the area in the 18th century.

The route ascends to Rabun Bald, Georgia’s second highest peak, and passes through the temperate rainforest in Rabun county. There are campsites located throughout the route, giving hikers plenty of options on where to pitch tents for the night.

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Overnight hiking trails in Georgia

Some of the campsites are in a great location, as from them the crashing waters at nearby Becky Branch and Martin Creek can be heard.

The descent to the end point is equally beautiful. You journey through the valley at Warwoman Dell, known for its floral colors, and then along the banks of the Chattooga River.

Finally, you will arrive at the Georgia/South Carolina state line, where the trail ends.

Blood Mountain To Cowrock Mountain

  • Location: Haiwassee
  • Length: 16 miles

This section of the Georgian Appalachian Trail cannot be missed by those who seek gorgeous views from summits. Hikers can see all of what the beautiful surroundings have to offer from the top of Blood Mountain.

Blood Mountain is the highest peak along the Georgian Appalachian Trail, and hikers set out from Neels Gap to get there.

After submitting, the hike doubles back through Neels Gap, and climbs again, but this time to the peaks of Wolf Laurel Top and Cowrock Mountain. These peaks are usually bathed in sun, and make excellent spots to take it all in.

At 16 miles, this hike can be bashed out in a single day. But for those who like a more scenic adventure, settle down for the night at one of the campsites along the trail, and set off again in the morning.

Conasauga River Trail

  • Location: Cohutta wilderness
  • Length: 13.2 miles round trip

To hike the Conasauga River Trail you will need to head out to the Cohutta wilderness. You will be out in the sticks away from civilization, in this remote but beautiful part of Georgia.

The trail takes you through some of the most picturesque nature spots that Georgia has to offer, and follows the Conasauga River. The journey begins at Betty gap, and heads in a northern direction.

Ideally you will want to hike this trail during the warmer months. There are over 30 river crossings along with several creek crossings to navigate. So if you get wet, you do not want to be wet for long.

The Conasauga River Trail is another hiking route that can be completed in a day by serious adventurers. But for those going at a slower pace, there are many campsites along the way.

Three Forks To Springer Mountain

  • Location: Appalachian Trail
  • Length: 8.6 miles round trip

For many who hike the Appalachian Trail within Georgia, Three Forks to Springer Mountain is a favorite section.

The journey sets out from Three Forks, where quaint streams pass through the valley floor. These streams are lined with flora and all shades of green, but are also dotted with small waterfalls and heavy rocks.

Overnight Hiking In Georgia

Continue to hike, and you will climb to the summit of Springer Mountain — this is the southernmost end of the great Appalachian Trail. From here you return to the trail head.

You will find plenty of campsites throughout the hike. So you can take as long you want to enjoy this Georgia hike.

Hike Inn Trail

  • Location: Amicalola Falls State Park
  • Length: 9.8 miles round trip

Rest easy for the night at the Len Foote Hike Inn. This overnight hike is perfect for those who want a multi day adventure, but a comfy bed instead of a tent.

You will need to hike to get to the Inn, as it is only accessible this way, but there you get the chance to meet other hikers, and share the experience.

The trail is located within the Amicalola State Park, and takes you along a portion of the Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain.

Panther Creek Falls

  • Location: Chattahoochee National Forest
  • Length: 7 miles

A favorite waterfall hike with Georgian adventurers, Panther Creek Falls is nestled within the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest. The waterfall is a series of cascades which tumble down into a pool of water. Hikers can take a dip, and also relax on the sand.

The route starts on the opposite side of Route 441 from the Panther Creek picnic area. From here it follows the Panther Creek waterway, offering hikers a variety of plant life, forest trees, and nature sounds to enjoy.

There are campsites along the trail, but they run on a first come first serve basis. So plan to get there with time to grab a spot.

And that is a wrap. Get out there and enjoy the overnight hiking that Georgia has on offer!

But whichever trail you choose to explore, make sure to pack out what you pack in. Georgia has pristine nature enjoyed by all forms of life, and should be protected.

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