Osprey Daylite Plus Vs Daylite: Functionality, Design & More

Osprey Daylite Plus Vs Daylite

The Osprey Daylite and Osprey Daylite Plus are two packs that are parts of the Daylite Series. This series aims to create a comfy backpack to which you can attach bigger packs.

Both these backpacks are small and light, easy to use and handle, and they have also proven to be extremely long-lasting. But in the Osprey Daylite Plus vs Daylite match, which one is the winner?

The Daylite series seems to be incredibly popular because of the low cost of the backpacks in this series, and both these models we will look into in this article were created to support attaching packs for smoother trips.

So, if you want a detailed review of the Daylite and Daylite Plus models to help you figure out which one you should buy, keep reading below to see how these two compare!

Osprey Daylite Review

Osprey Daylite Commuter Backpack, Black

The Osprey Daylite backpack is a modest bag that is suitable for use on a daily basis or for weekend trips, but you can also attach Osprey’s bigger bags and travel bags to it if you need more storage.

You can tweak the bag in any way you like based on your preferences.


The Daylite is true to its name, weighing no more than 16 oz., so as far as the bag itself is concerned, rest assured that it will not impede your hike or the activity you are using it for.

Nevertheless, the lightweight design comes at a cost:

  • limited functionalities
  • and limited storage space

If that is okay with you, then this backpack is perfect for your needs.

On the other hand, if you want more functionalities and more interior space in your bag, you might need to look for alternatives.


The Osprey Daylite is not only lightweight but is also relatively small in size, especially when compared to other camping or hiking backpacks.

Its measurements are 43L / 26W / 20D (in centimeters), which means it is great for a day or weekend trip away, but for longer than that, especially when it’s cold outside and you need to bring warm clothes that usually take up more space, you will need a bigger backpack.


The Osprey Daylite is available in ten different colors! You can select from the following options:

  • Wave Blue
  • Black
  • Dream Purple
  • Palm Foliage Print


This backpack’s back panel is lined with a rigid foam insulation pad, with numerous perforations in the material allowing air circulation and increasing breathability.

The straps also have pads in them and are mildly arched for extra comfort during those days when you need to carry the Daylite filled up to its maximum.

Moreover, there is an extendable chest strap that you can always take off when you’re not using it, while there is also a fine hip strap to hold the bag in place.

The hip strap is incredibly useful when snowboarding, mountain biking, or bouldering because it keeps you balanced at all times, so if you engage in such sports, you will definitely need it.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the hip strap is only for safety, not support. The strap neither transfers nor increases the ease of moving around with the Daylite.


The Daylite is a simplified backpack with only a handful of functions.

It does not seem to be as customizable as other backpacks due to the fact that does not come with a front pocket and includes only a pair of compression straps.

Even so, because of its lightweight materials and sleekness, this backpack is ideal for transitioning between city and rural, even mountain, settings.

It feels right on you regardless of whether you are using it to carry office papers or go on a brief morning hiking trip.

Ease Of Use

Overall, the simplistic design is easy to overlook but it is something that actually makes Daylite a great backpack to carry around with you.

The major gripe you could find is that the water bottle compartments on the sides could have been larger and more thoughtfully designed; they could accommodate a conventional 1-liter plastic bottle if you placed it in the pocket before putting anything else in the bag.

However, if you fill your bag with stuff and then try to put your bottle in either side pocket, you will find that a bit challenging, if not impossible to do, so yes, the pockets could be a little stretchier.

In addition, because there isn’t a front stash compartment, you will have to keep smaller items like suncream, your smartphone, and your wallet in the upper zipped pocket, which turns out to be a great option for storing these essential items.

Finally, the Daylite comes with a hydration pocket on the exterior which you can easily use for refills, making your hydration throughout a hiking trip almost effortless.

Service Life

The Daylite is constructed with relatively sturdy materials, including 210 denier nylon for its front and 420 denier sackcloth for its bottom side.

This alone makes it good enough to hold up to the tests of time and the standard daily use of a backpack.

So, the Daylite is expected to last for several of your wanderings, both in the city and in the backcountry.

Even so, if you’re looking for a bag that you can take with you for your climbing activities, there might be some burlier, more streamlined alternatives you can go with.


The Daylite is a decent purchase for the price.

Even though most people overall prioritize the adaptability of other pricier backpacks, there are those who prefer the Daylite’s practicality and design

Osprey Daylite Commuter Backpack, Black
  • Large panel loading main compartment provides accessibility to inside contents
  • Dual stretch mesh side pockets provide additional storage options
  • The multi-function interior sleeve can be used for either a hydration reservoir or tablet
  • Mesh-covered die-cut foam back panel provides both comfort and ventilation.
  • Front zippered pocket with mesh organizer and key clip


  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than the Osprey Daylite Plus
  • Great for attaching bigger packs to it


  • Smaller than the Osprey Daylite Plus
  • Does not come with a front pocket

Osprey Daylite Plus Review

Osprey Daylite Plus Commuter Backpack, Black

The Osprey Daylite Plus is another model of the same series that makes a perfect backpack for carrying with you on a day hike or even taking to work with you thanks to its laptop compartment.


The Daylite Plus falls just above the midpoint of the weight-to-volume scale. Coming at 20.6 ounces and with a 20-liter capacity, it appears to come on the heavier side in the small pack category.


The Osprey Daylite is not only lightweight but is also relatively small in size, especially when compared to other camping or hiking backpacks.

Its measurements are 48L / 28W / 24D(in centimeters), which means it is slightly bigger in size than the Osprey Daylite.

However, its use and suitability as you will see further below are not that different, but it is a better option if you want to fit that one extra item.


The Osprey Daylite Plus is available in ten different colors! You can select from the following options:

  • Cosmic Red
  • Black
  • Wave Blue
  • Dream Purple
  • Palm Foliage Print
  • Nightingale Yellow/Green Tunnel


Osprey is well-known for producing comfy packs. The Daylite Plus’s meticulous composition makes it a great bag even with the fairly sleek suspension.

The shoulder straps are thin yet curved and come in the right proportions for the majority of individuals. The detachable waist belt is great, but it cannot hold much weight.

The back panel is the same as that of the Daylite, and it is made of moisture-wicking mesh placed above the foam.

For air circulation, a suspended mesh back panel would have been preferable, but backpacks with heftier back panels seldom if ever function properly for city or even countryside use.

Even though the chest strap does not seem extremely expandable, and the shoulder straps are fixed, this backpack can fit a wide range of chest sizes, which makes it ideal for people who want to borrow it from a friend or lend it to them.

And although the shoulder straps don’t fit as great as those that are equipped with load lifters, they are still more than adequate for the majority of trips and uses you need them for.


The functionality of a backpack is primarily determined by its dimensions and specs.

A bag with greater capacity allows you to hike in cold weather or tackle semi-technical undertakings with the corresponding equipment.

So, when taking into consideration these aspects, the Daylite Plus is on the weaker side of things, as it is a small-sized backpack with not that many features that can make it a versatile backpack like the ones of bigger dimensions.

If you wish to carry your folders and laptop around town to work in a café, then the Daylite Plus is great for that. In fact, it is one of the very few models that come with a special padded laptop sleeve in it.

However, if you want to go camping with it in the fall, then you will realize that it’s not suitable for that the moment you start packing and see it fits nothing but a couple of sweaters in it.

It can be, nevertheless, suitable for a day hike, while its back panel is so comfortable that you can easily go mountain biking too if you wish.

Still, when it comes to carrying heavy gear or multiple pieces of equipment – be it for camping or mountain climbing – you need to look for bigger backpacks with greater capacity.

Ease Of Use

Osprey is widely recognized for their strong attention to their bags’ specifics as well as the meticulous crafting of their backpacks.

The Daylite Plus zippers move easily, the straps can be securely pulled, and whenever a strap crosses one of the zippers, it does so without becoming an obstacle or making your access to the zippers harder.

Even with its many convenient organizational compartments, the Daylite Plus is still a compact backpack that is very easy to use.

The mesh pockets on the sides of the bag are perfect for carrying your water bottle or bulkier water holders such as Hydroflask, while you can also use them to keep your snacks or waste.

And if you want to carry a much bigger bottle, you can do so with the help of the compression straps that you can fasten around it and secure it.

Therefore, we can easily say that the overall design and components of the Daylite Plus make it a very practical backpack.

Service Life

The design and serviceability of the Osprey Daylite Plus are worth the investment as it is undoubtedly an excellent and well-made piece of equipment.

Of course, after many years of using the Daylite Plus, the side pockets, as well as the shoulder straps will lose their firmness, but that’s not unique to this backpack.


In most cases, Osprey’s outstanding manufacturing and ease come at a cost. The Daylite Plus is, however, not as high priced as other Osprey products in these dimensions due to its simple design.

Therefore, while it is not the cheapest one you can find, we can say that it is a value-for-money purchase.

Osprey Daylite Plus Commuter Backpack, Black
  • Premium efficiency and design
  • Storage tuned to the each season
  • Purpose designed to help mak the most of each exploration; Internal hydration sleeve
  • Large panel loading main compartment provides accessibility to inside contents


  • Compressed straps that help you carry bigger bottles of water in the side pockets
  • Bigger in size with more storage capacity
  • Equipped with a dedicated laptop sleeve


  • Slightly more expensive than the Osprey Daylite

The Bottom Line

As you can understand, the differences between these two backpacks are not that significant. However, Daylite Plus offers some extra storage capacity and a laptop compartment, while it also features a front pocket.

These three features make it a better option than the Daylite pack, which although cheaper, lacks these features that might be important to some people.

Moreover, the price difference is not great, so spending a couple of extra bucks to get some extra storage capacity and functionality is probably worth considering.

It seems that Daylite Plus is the ultimate winner, but the Osprey Daylite is a great runner-up you might still wish to go for!

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