Best Multi-Day Hikes In Germany

Best Multi-Day Hikes In Germany

Germany is a country that is known for its beauty. It is one of the largest countries in Europe and has an extraordinary range of environments within its borders, from the snow capped peaks of the Alps in the south to the forests that border France to the west to the beaches along the North Sea near Denmark.

All of these create wonderful pockets of nature that straddle the towns nearby. These pockets are the perfect getaways from the big cities and hubbub that normally bother us in our day to day.

However, if you want to go for something longer than it is best to consider a true multi-day trek through Germany’s heartland.

Yet, if you are unfamiliar with Germany, then this may pose a problem for you. What is the best multi day hike to take through Germany? Well, we hope to answer this question for you right now.

Eifelsteig (Aachen – Trier)

Eifelsteig (Aachen - Trier)

This is an easy-to-follow trail that starts at Aachen and leads you to Trier, passing through the Eifel forest.

A forest is a fascinating place with a lot of history and culture behind it.

The trail is easy to follow and well maintained through the forest, however, due to the narrow, rocky passages the forest offers, it can be a bit dicey at points.

This is one of the best multi day hikes in Germany that you can undertake. There are places to rest along the trail, and you can even visit the ruins of the medieval castle and the Urft dam.

The trail is suitable for beginners and families, however, doing a multi-day trek may be a bit difficult for younger kids.

The trail is easy to follow, and the terrain is mostly flat, with some rolling hills at the start. So, a multi day hike in Germany that’s easy to follow and has a lot to offer for visitors. What’s not to like about that?

Long Distance Hiking Trail – Rennsteig – From Hörschel To Blankenstein – Thuringian Forest

The Rennsteig is a long-distance hiking trail in Germany that is a famous one among hikers and nature lovers.

This trail is the longest one that is located in the Thuringian Forest and is a great option for hikers who want to travel across Germany’s heartland.

The trail starts at Hörschel in the north and ends at Blankenstein in the South.

The trail is mostly through the forest and has some open spaces to give you a chance to take some shots of the surroundings.

The path is well maintained and the hiking trail is an easy one to follow. You can even take public transport along the route.

The route itself does maintain a fairly high elevation and can be considered of moderate difficulty to anyone attempting it.

While the route does have some towns along the way as well, you should pack for the whole trip in case something goes wrong, or you are left out in the wild when the sun goes down.

The Rheinsteig

The Rheinsteig

This is a classic long-distance hiking trail that goes through the Rhine Valley.

The trail is connected to the Rheinsteig-Bahn and the Moselle Train and is a great option for those who love to travel by train and go for a multi-day hike through Germany.

The 320 km long Rheinsteig is a wonderful experience for all hikers. The narrow paths lead through vast forests, beautiful vineyards, and verdant fields.

The sometimes very demanding climbs lead through spectacular gorges and the difficulty should not be underestimated, but the results are spectacular.

The Rheinsteig is also a cultural trail that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage, due to the density of castles and palaces, the Rhine Valley became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This means that you can expect a lot of history and culture along the way.

The trail is mostly through the Rhine Gorge and has some walkways and bridges that allow you to take in the scenic beauty of the river. The Rheinsteig is a great multi day hike in Germany that is worth exploring.

Once at the top, there is a wonderful view of the Rhine Valley. The river meanders leisurely through the rolling hills.

Wine culture goes back to Roman times and even at that time, people appreciated the gorgeous location of the slopes above the Rhine.

Hikers not only benefit from the view, but also from the opportunity to stop for refreshments.

At any time of day, you will be well looked after in the Rhine Valley, and you can end the day with a delicious glass of wine.


This is another popular hiking trail that goes through the North of Rhine-Westphalia.

The trail is mostly through the forest and has some walkways that allow you to traverse the forest easily, however it does also go over the tallest mountain in the area – the Langenberg.

Due to this, the path can be somewhat exhausting and difficult, but it is easy to follow and easy to navigate.

This is another great multi day hike in Germany that is best done during winter, due to it being in a very northerly location.

However, it has a nice ending at Dillenburg and there are even some places where you can take public transport.

Albsteig Black Forest – Albbruck To Feldberg Pass

This is an incredibly popular trail due to it passing through the Black Forest.

Albsteig black forest

The trail passes through the Black Forest and is mostly a forest walkway. The trail is easy to follow, and the path is mostly through the forest.

The trail is mostly flat, and you can even take public transport along the way, but it has a steep rise later on with some altitudes of 1000 meters.

However, this rise gives you fantastic views of everything around you, including the Blasius Cathedral.


Hiking trails in Germany are diverse, and there are trails for everyone, from beginners trying out the outdoors for the first time to seasoned hikers who love exploring the diverse landscapes of Germany.

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