5 Best Hiking Pants for Men: Durability Meets Comfort for Trails

best hiking pants for men

Hiking is an activity that rewards you with breathtaking views and a strong sense of accomplishment, often taking you to climates and terrains that vary widely.

Men’s hiking pants are a critical gear choice for any trekking enthusiast; they can mean the difference between an enjoyable journey and an uncomfortable experience. The right pair provides protection from the elements, offers comfort over long distances, and allows for a full range of movement.

Choosing hiking pants involves considering the material, fit, and special features:

  • Fabrics that offer breathability and quick-drying capabilities are essential to keep you comfortable on the trail.
  • The fit should be snug enough to avoid snags but loose enough for full leg articulation.
  • Features like reinforced seams for durability, the presence of cargo pockets for handy storage, and built-in UV protection are practical considerations.

When preparing to select hiking pants, weigh the importance of factors such as water resistance for rainy conditions and stretchability for climbing.

Lightweight materials are ideal for warmer climates, while heavier, insulated pants serve cold weather adventures well. Your hiking terrain and the season will greatly influence the best pair for your needs.

With a variety of options available on the market, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect pair. To assist in this endeavor, I found the 5 best hiking pants for men to suit a range of conditions and preferences.

5 Top Hiking Pants for Men

TBMPOY Men's Lightweight Hiking Pants Quick Dry Mountain Fishing Camping Travel Outdoor Pants thin Dark Grey M
Top Pick
ATG by Wrangler Men's Synthetic Utility Pant, Dark Shadow, 32W x 30L
Arunlluta Hiking Pants for Men, Hiking Travel Pants Water-Resistant Mens Work Pants Stretch Quick Dry Lightweight
Most Practical
Wespornow Men's-Convertible-Hiking-Pants Quick Dry Lightweight Zip Off Breathable Cargo Pants for Outdoor, Fishing, Safari (Grey, Large)
Wespornow Men's-Hiking-Pants Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Outdoor Pants for Fishing Travel Camping with 5 Pockets (Dark Grey, 34W x 30L)

When you’re gearing up for a trek, the right pair of hiking pants can make all the difference. Your comfort, mobility, and protection against the elements are crucial on the trail.

The options we’ve selected offer durability, weather resistance, and practical features like ample pockets and adjustable components. Whether you’re planning a short day hike or a prolonged adventure, you’ll find the best fit to keep you moving confidently through any terrain.

1. TBMPOY Hiking Pants

TBMPOY Men's Lightweight Hiking Pants Quick Dry Mountain Fishing Camping Travel Outdoor Pants thin Dark Grey M

You’ll appreciate how these TBMPOY Hiking Pants combine functionality and comfort for your outdoor adventures.

  • Lightweight and quick-dry material suits active use
  • Includes five zip pockets for secure storage
  • Stretch fabric offers excellent mobility
  • The pocket flaps’ design can be inconvenient for some
  • May fit tightly around the hips for certain body types
  • Durability over the long term is untested

Slipping into the TBMPOY Hiking Pants, the initial impression is one of comfort. The material’s stretchiness lets you clamber over rocks and logs without feeling constricted. They’re so light, it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, allowing for a great range of movement.

When you’re on the go, the five zipped pockets become an essential feature. Your belongings, from keys to a compass, are always safe. Despite that, accessing the main pockets might take a little getting used to due to their unconventional flap design.

While trekking through unexpected drizzles, I observed how the fabric resisted water. They dried impressively fast post-shower, ensuring that a bit of weather won’t slow you down. The included belt is a nifty addition, adding to the utility without feeling cumbersome.

In crowded places, the pants blend in well, giving you that seamless transition from trail to casual outing. After several wears, these pants have held up well, though it’s going to take a few more hikes to truly attest to their long-term resilience. Keep in mind that if you’re not fond of snug fits around the hips, you might want to consider sizing up.

Overall, the TBMPOY Hiking Pants cater well to the needs of the everyday adventurer. They are a solid choice for someone seeking comfort and convenience on their outdoor excursions.

TBMPOY Men's Lightweight Hiking Pants Quick Dry Mountain Fishing Camping Travel Outdoor Pants thin Dark Grey M
  • Quick dry, lightweight and water-resistant fabric makes you feel cool and comfortable while summer hiking or fishing
  • Water Repellent & Belt: Belt is included. 4-way stretch and durable fabric ensures flexibility and move with ease on hiking & camping
  • 5 Zip Pockets: 2 large hand side pockets & 2 thigh zip pockets & 1 back zip pocket to meet all your needs to carry things for outdoor hiking and causal work
  • Elastic Waist & Buckle Closure:Partial elastic waist for adjustable fit; Classic design and slim fit stand wear and tear
  • TBMPOY Mens Hiking Work Pants ideal for all outdoor sports like hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, cargo, gardening, travelling even daily casual wear

2. ATG by Wrangler Utility Pants

ATG by Wrangler Men's Synthetic Utility Pant, Dark Shadow, 32W x 30L

If you value durability, comfort, and convenience on your hikes, you’ll appreciate the versatility of the ATG by Wrangler Utility Pants.

  • Lightweight construction with just enough stretch for optimal mobility
  • Quick-drying fabric with secure pockets, great for varied outdoor activities
  • Tough enough to handle rough trails without compromising on comfort
  • Pockets may develop holes sooner than expected with heavy use
  • After washing, they can attract lint and wrinkle easily
  • Offers less protection against brush or harsh elements compared to thicker pants

I recently took these Wranglers on a weekend trek and they didn’t disappoint. Their lightweight, stretchy design made climbing and crossing streams a breeze. The pants proved to be breathable and I was impressed with how quickly they dried after a brief rain shower.

During a recent fly fishing trip, I was glad for the zippered pockets on these pants. They kept my essentials secure without bulking up, an issue I’ve had with other hiking pants. However, be wary as continuous stress may wear out the pocket lining.

At the end of the day, these Wrangler pants held up well during everyday errands as much as they did on the trail. They are comfortable enough to relax in yet sturdy enough for spontaneous outdoor adventures. Do keep in mind that post-wash, they might need some ironing to maintain their sleek looks.

ATG by Wrangler Men's Synthetic Utility Pant, Dark Shadow, 32W x 30L
  • QUICK DRYING. Whether you are crossing wet areas hiking or encounter unexpected rain, these quick-drying utility pants are coated with a water repellent finish to keep you dry through any conditions you may come across.
  • STRETCH COMFORT. Move with confidence throughout your day in these versatile straight leg pants. The gusseted crotch adds extra mobility. A regular seat and thigh provide a comfortable fit.
  • ADDED PROTECTION. The perfect pants for outdoor activities, you can rest assured you'll stay well protected from the sun with UPF 30 protection.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE. A reinforced kickplate offers increased durability so you can hike, climb and camp with confidence.
  • SECURE STORAGE. A zip utility pocket helps provide secure storage for your smaller goods and electronics so you can focus on the activity at hand.

3. Arunlluta Men’s Hiking Pants

Arunlluta Hiking Pants for Men, Hiking Travel Pants Water-Resistant Mens Work Pants Stretch Quick Dry Lightweight

If you’re seeking versatile hiking pants that blend durability with comfort, look no further.

  • Exceptionally comfortable 4-way stretch fabric
  • Quick-drying and lightweight, ideal for active use
  • Comes with a handy, security-friendly belt
  • Thinner material may not suit cold weather
  • Some might find the pants too slim-fitting
  • Only available in one color scheme on this listing

After taking the Arunlluta Men’s Hiking Pants out on a rocky trail, the freedom of movement was readily apparent; the blend of nylon and spandex provided an impressive stretch without any restriction. Despite the uncertain weather, the pants quickly shed water during a light rainfall and by the time I reached cover, they were almost dry, thanks to the quick-drying feature.

Throughout the hike, the lightweight design of the pants was a boon, making the ascent feel less burdensome. There was no chafing or discomfort, which is a testament to their well-thought-out design. The included belt is giveaway at the price; it sat snugly around the waist, and the plastic buckle meant little hassle at security checkpoints when transitioning from trail to travel.

Considering their slim profile, these pants not only performed well on the hike but also looked good enough to wear casually around town. However, I won’t be packing them for winter hikes—the material is on the thinner side, which means less insulation against cold temperatures. Plus, their fitted style, while contemporary, may not be everyone’s preference, especially for those who value a looser fit.

Arunlluta Hiking Pants for Men, Hiking Travel Pants Water-Resistant Mens Work Pants Stretch Quick Dry Lightweight
  • 【Excellent Design & Wearing Comfort】:Are you seeking a pair of hiking pants for men that are not only comfortable and reliable but also offer extra pockets to carry additional goods while hiking, traveling, and working? With a classic fashion design concept and a distinctive wearing experience, these stretch mens travel pants will exceed all of your expectations for lightweight mens hiking pants.
  • 【Premium Fabric】:Men's hiking pants made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, a 4-way stretch fabric that is rapid drying, lightweight, water resistant, and very durable for the weight, commonly used to make travel pants. Hiking pants men can successfully stop water from splashing; However, prolonged immersion in water will render its water-resistant function useless. These mens work pants are ideal for outdoor activities for its fast dry fabric.
  • 【Perfect Choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts】:Travel pants for men are composed of a thin, breathable material that dries quickly to give you the most comfort possible no matter the weather. You can spend more time outside because the men hiking pants fabric has been treated to offer UPF 50+ protection from the sun's damaging rays. These hiking pants for men will keep you safe and comfortable while you enjoy the sun all day.
  • 【6 Large Zipper Pockets】:The 6 practical zippered pockets with drawstrings on the water resistant hiking pants for men provide you with plenty of storage space. The 2 large leg pockets are ideal for holding your phone, wallet, or other necessities, while the 2 side pockets are made to keep tiny items safe and secure. For larger stuff, there are 2 additional back pockets. Travel pants for men ensure the security and safety of your possessions.
  • 【All-Purpose Outdoor Hiking Pants For Men】:Lightweight mens travel pants are made for outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, fishing, scrambling, trekking, camping, and wild adventures. Water-resistant travel pants for men are suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to keep at ease and protected while enjoying nature. This mens casual pants have an elastic waist, an adjustable waist belt, and a button to make them comfortable for you to wear.

4. Wespornow Hiking Pants

Wespornow Men's-Hiking-Pants Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Outdoor Pants for Fishing Travel Camping with 5 Pockets (Dark Grey, 34W x 30L)

Should you invest in Wespornow’s Hiking Pants? Absolutely, if you’re looking for versatile, comfortable outdoor wear with the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.

  • Convertible design allows transition from pants to shorts in hot weather
  • Plenty of storage with secure, zippered cargo pockets
  • Quick-drying, water-resistant material suitable for various weather conditions
  • May fit too snug for those preferring a looser cut
  • Legs may be too long for some users
  • Fabric noise can be noticeable indoors

Venturing into the outdoors demands gear that can keep pace with your adventures. When I donned these Wespornow pants for a day on the trails, their stretchy fabric moved with me, never constricting my strides up steep paths.

The quick-dry feature came in handy when crossing streams; moisture was repelled effectively, keeping me comfortable throughout the trek. The pants-to-shorts versatility proved invaluable as the day warmed, providing much-needed ventilation while I hiked.

Conveniently placed cargo pockets with zippers safely housed my essentials. These pockets, combined with the tactically positioned reinforced pocket, meant I had quick access to my tools and snacks without the need to stop and rummage through a pack.

However, these pants do fit on the slimmer side, which might not appeal to all body types or preferences for a more relaxed fit. Also, I noticed the leg length was slightly longer, potentially requiring some users to get them hemmed.

Lastly, one minor drawback I detected was the noise generated by the fabric while moving around indoors. It’s a common trait of water-resistant materials, but it could be somewhat conspicuous in quieter settings.

Overall, these Wespornow Hiking Pants struck a fine balance between functionality and comfort—ideal for hikers, campers, or those who simply want a reliable pair of outdoor pants.

Wespornow Men's-Hiking-Pants Lightweight Water Resistant Quick Dry Outdoor Pants for Fishing Travel Camping with 5 Pockets (Dark Grey, 34W x 30L)
  • Ideal for hiking and adventure: These mens waterproof hiking pants sport a quick-drying, wind and water-resistant ripstop construction that protects us from variable weather, with a design that features a comfortable stretch and articulared knees for free movements at indoor and outdoor sports.
  • From pants to shorts: The adjustable leg cuffs of these mens tactical pants help to seal out updrafts as you climb, meanwhile these stretchy and breathable material working to wick sweat from your skin as the day heats up. And if the weather proves too warm, just roll up the cuffs to the snaps at the knees to cool- down quickly and continue your adventure in "shorts."
  • Classic 5-pocket design: These mens work pants are the perfect year-round option for getting outside. 4 secure zip-closed cargo pockets and 1 reinforced design pocket keep your trail essentials safe. Other stand-out features include a UPF sun protection and a durable water-repellent finish that causes moisture to bead and roll off rather than soak into the fabric.
  • Waterproof design for all-weather protection: Stay dry in any weather with the waterproof design of these outdoor convertible cargo pants, providing reliable protection from rain and moisture while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities in comfort.
  • Occasion: Men's lightweight travel pants for seamlessly transitions from office to adventure. Crafted in Motion Comfortshell a light, stretchy softshell that will last for years of hard use. A great choice for hiking, tactical, work, golf, hunting, fishing, camping, climbing, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

5. Wespornow Hikers

Wespornow Men's-Convertible-Hiking-Pants Quick Dry Lightweight Zip Off Breathable Cargo Pants for Outdoor, Fishing, Safari (Grey, Large)

If you’re in search of pants that can adapt to your hiking needs and handle various outdoor conditions, these Wespornow pants are a solid pick.

  • Quick conversion from pants to shorts
  • Lightweight and quick-drying fabric
  • Brimming with pockets for utility
  • May run small in the waist for some
  • Fabric may not be as stretchy as preferred
  • Sizes may not always align with standard measurements

When I took the Wespornow Hikers out on the trail, the immediate benefit was their versatility. The zip-off legs are a game-changer for fluctuating temperatures. Whether facing a brisk morning or a midday heatwave, the ability to switch between pants and shorts without missing a step kept me comfortable throughout the hike.

Their fabric was another highlight. The blend of polyester and spandex offered a surprisingly lightweight feel—like a second skin, yet durable. They resisted snagging against brush and dried rapidly after a light drizzle. The pants remained breathable over a challenging ascent, which helped maintain my focus on the path, not my comfort levels.

Storage is ample with these pants. With pockets galore, I could stash my map, snacks, and multitool easily. This feature alone made them a trustworthy companion for longer treks where I needed essentials at hand. However, I did notice that the fit was snug in the waist, contrary to my usual size. So it’s wise to consider sizing up to ensure a prime fit. Despite being a minor gripe, the fabric was not as stretchy as I’d have liked when navigating over fallen logs or big rocks. Remember to refer to the provided size chart carefully, it seemed the measurements were a bit off for me and other reviewers, prompting some to opt for an exchange.

All in all, the Wespornow Hikers have found a place in my outdoor gear. They strike a balance between functionality and comfort, and while they might benefit from a bit more stretch and accurate sizing, the pros clearly shine for any avid hiker’s wardrobe.

Wespornow Men's-Convertible-Hiking-Pants Quick Dry Lightweight Zip Off Breathable Cargo Pants for Outdoor, Fishing, Safari (Grey, Large)
  • 【Multi-Pockets】5 Pockets in total, including 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets, and 1 zip-closed rear pocket. No problem to carry your 6.5" phone or any other small items.
  • 【Good Fit】Waistband has a elastic design, snap and zipper closure with belt loops for a smooth fit; toggle at the hem allows for adjustability.
  • 【Multi-Function】4-way stretch woven outer pants are lightweight enough to dry quickly and breathe, but rugged enough to resist abrasion.
  • 【Intimate Design】Designed for ease, L and R labels on zippers help identify which leg is right and which is left when converting to pants or shorts.
  • 【Occasions】Wespornow convertible hiking pants are designed for most outdoor activities and sports: hiking, camping, hiking, travel, fishing, and more, as well as daily clothing.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best hiking pants for men, it is crucial to consider the following features:


The material of your hiking pants directly impacts their comfort, durability, and suitability for different weather conditions.

  • Nylon and Polyester: Quick-drying and durable.
  • Spandex: Adds stretch for ease of movement.
  • Cotton Blends: Suitable for dry climates but not recommended for wet conditions.


A proper fit ensures comfort during prolonged activity.

  • Relaxed Fit: Offers room for movement and airflow.
  • Slim Fit: Reduces bulk and potential snags on the trail.

Weather Resistance

Different weather conditions require specific pant features.

  • Water Resistance: Look for DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coatings.
  • UPF Rating: Consider sun protection if hiking in sunny areas.

Pockets and Add-ons

More pockets can be practical for carrying essentials, while other add-ons increase functionality.

  • Pockets: Zippered or with flaps for security.
  • Vents: For added breathability.
  • Adjustable Waistbands or Cuffs: For a customized fit.


The weight of your pants can affect your endurance on long hikes.

  • Lightweight: Ideal for fast hiking or warm weather.
  • Heavier Weight: Better for durability and cooler temperatures.

Remember to balance these features with your personal needs and the specific requirements of your hiking destination. Comfort, protection, and practicality are key to ensuring an enjoyable hiking experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

best mens hiking pants

In this section, we’ll cover the essentials on what makes for the best men’s hiking pants, from fit to fabric, so you can make informed decisions for all your outdoor adventures.

What are the key features to look for in men’s hiking pants?

Key features in men’s hiking pants include durability, freedom of movement, moisture-wicking capabilities, and quick-drying materials. Look for reinforced seams and pockets, as well as a gusseted crotch for added flexibility.

How should men’s hiking pants fit for optimal performance?

Men’s hiking pants should offer a snug yet comfortable fit that allows for a full range of motion. It’s important they’re not too tight, which can restrict movement, or too loose, which can cause snags or trip you up on the trail.

What fabrics are recommended for durability and comfort in hiking pants?

Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are popular for their durability, lightweight feel, and fast drying times. Some hiking pants also incorporate spandex for stretch or cotton for added comfort, but these may not be as quick-drying or durable.

Are there specific hiking pants for men recommended for variable weather conditions?

Yes, certain hiking pants are specifically designed with features like water-resistance for rain, UPF ratings for sun protection, and thermal linings for cold weather. Convertible pants with zip-off legs offer versatility for changing temperatures.

Can you suggest top-rated men’s hiking pants for trail durability?

The Prana Stretch Zion Pants and the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants are frequently recommended for their durability and robust construction. Both offer abrasion resistance and stretch, ideal for rugged trails.

How important is breathability in men’s hiking pants for long treks?

Breathability is crucial to prevent overheating and to manage sweat during long treks. Ventilation features like zippered thigh vents or breathable fabric weaves can help regulate temperature and moisture during strenuous hikes.

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