Best Hiking Hats for Women: Top 5 Picks for Comfort and Style

Best Hiking Hats for Women

The array of hiking hats for women is broad, encompassing everything from wide-brimmed sun hats to insulated beanies.

Material choices range from lightweight and breathable synthetics to natural fibers like cotton and wool. Some hats include features such as mesh panels for extra ventilation, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and UPF ratings for sun protection.

When embarking on outdoor adventures, the right gear is crucial, and a hiking hat for women is an integral part of that kit. Hiking hats serve several practical purposes. Not only do they shield your face and neck from the harsh rays of the sun, but they also provide protection from the rain, help manage sweat, and can even keep bugs away.

Choosing the right hiking hat involves considering the climate and conditions you expect to encounter.

  • In sunny environments, a hat with a wide brim and high UPF rating is ideal. For cold or windy conditions, an insulated beanie or a hat with ear flaps might be more appropriate.
  • Comfort is key, as you’ll likely be wearing the hat for extended periods, so look for hats with moisture-wicking properties and a comfortable fit.
  • Additionally, durability and ease of cleaning are important, as the hat will be subjected to sweat, dirt, and possibly rough treatment in a backpack.

Armed with information about materials, features, and fit, you’re well-prepared to find a hiking hat that meets your outdoors needs.

Let’s now examine some of the top contenders to keep you comfortably protected on the trails.

5 Best Hiking Hats for Women

Best Overall
Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney, Apricot Fizz, One Size
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Waterproof Sun UPF 50+ Bucket Hat UV Protection Packable Brimmed Boonie for Women Men Summer Lightweight Hiking Outdoor Cap Army Green
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Best Budget
Sun Hat for Men Women with Neck Flap,UPF 50+ UV Protective Hiking Fishing Hats,Wide Brim Sun Hat for Women&Men …
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Women's Sun Hat Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Beach Fishing Cap Pure Grey
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Sun Hat for Women with Sunglasses and Hat Clip, Summer UV Protection Wide Brim Ponytail Beach Bucket Hats (One Size, Solid Beige)
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When you’re preparing for a hike, ensuring you have the right gear is essential for your comfort and protection.

Your choice of hat can make a significant difference in how you experience your adventure. From shielding your eyes and face from the sun’s intense rays to keeping your head dry during unexpected showers, a reliable hiking hat is indispensable.

In this roundup, you’ll find a selection of the best hiking hats designed specifically for women, combining functionality with style, so your outdoor excursions are as enjoyable as they are memorable.

1. Columbia Bora Bora Booney

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney, Apricot Fizz, One Size

If you’re seeking all-day comfort and superb sun protection on your hikes, the Columbia Bora Bora Booney is a stellar pick.

  • Breathable with a moisture-wicking headband.
  • UPF 50 sun protection.
  • Adjustable for a secure fit.
  • Style may not appeal to everyone.
  • Limited color options.
  • May not be suitable for very windy conditions.

Gearing up for a hike, I noticed the Columbia Bora Bora Booney’s lightweight design immediately. On the trail, the heat often rises, so a breathable hat that offered shade without trapping heat was high on my wishlist. The integrated mesh vent really allows air to circulate, reducing the chances of overheating.

As the hike progressed, sweat started to form, but the moisture-wicking headband came to the rescue. It helped keep sweat from dripping down, which is key when you’re navigating rugged terrain or simply enjoying the view.

The sun was intense and relentless, but thanks to the UPF 50 fabric, my skin felt shielded from the harsh rays. The adjustable drawcord ensured the hat stayed in place, even with the occasional light breeze. As someone who’s experienced the annoyance of a poorly secured hat mid-hike, this feature was greatly appreciated.

The Bora Bora Booney Hat was indeed a reliable companion throughout the outing, managing to tick off the crucial boxes for comfort, sun protection, and breathability.

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora Booney, Apricot Fizz, One Size
  • OMNI-SHADE: UV protection at its best, Omni-Shade materials block UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburns and long-term skin damage. The tight weave construction offers lasting sun protection against the full spectrum of sunshine
  • OMNI-WICK: The ultimate moisture wicking technology for the outdoors. Omni-Wick quickly moves moisture from the skin into the fabric where it spreads across the surface to quickly evaporate—for a dry fit that keeps you cool and comfortable
  • ALWAYS SUNNY: This sun hat features built-in UPF 50 shielding, an ultra-sweat-wicking headband, and a mesh vent panel for those hot outdoor days
  • HANDY FEATURES: A high-performance hat that features a full 3” brim, equipped with an adjustable drawcord, and toggle size adjustment at the back for a perfect fit
  • BUILT TO LAST: Columbia’s attention to detail is what sets our apparel apart. Specifying only the highest quality materials, expert stitching and craftsmanship. This is a long-lasting hat you will enjoy for seasons to come

2. SHINCHIC Sun Bucket Hat

Waterproof Sun UPF 50+ Bucket Hat UV Protection Packable Brimmed Boonie for Women Men Summer Lightweight Hiking Outdoor Cap Army Green

This SHINCHIC Sun Bucket Hat is an essential addition to your hiking gear for its comfort and efficiency in outdoor conditions.

  • Brilliant for wet weather due to its waterproof capabilities
  • Enhances comfort with its breathable top mesh design
  • Highly convenient to carry as it folds neatly into a compact form
  • May leave creases after folding despite the promise of no deep folds
  • The brim, while stylish, could fall short in very heavy rainfalls
  • Adjusting back to its original shape can be challenging after unpacking

When you’re navigating the trails and the sky looks uncertain, this hat has your back. It’s lightweight and the waterproof finish really stands up to an unexpected downpour. Pull it on, and immediately you feel the shield of its wide brim, deflecting rain and shielding your face from the glare of the sun. The hat stays on, even when buffeted by an abrupt gorge-side gust or when you bend to examine a trail marker, thanks to the adjustable chin cord.

Airiness is a must when you’re exerting yourself on a steep climb. The SHINCHIC hat’s top mesh panel allows a breeze to pass over your head, cooling you down and minimizing the annoyance of sweat. You feel the fabric’s premium quality, yet it’s gentle and non-irritating. This kind of ventilation is particularly appreciated during those long treks where you need to stay dry from both weather and exertion.

Convenience is also designed into this hat. Folding it down and slipping it into its compact form transforms it from a piece of gear to a simple accessory. After your hike, fluff it back out, and the hat looks ready for your next outdoor venture. However, if it gets heavily creased, you might need to spend a little extra time smoothing it out to restore its casual charm. Despite this, the SHINCHIC Sun Bucket Hat becomes a trusted companion, whether you’re trekking through the woods or simply out in your garden.

Waterproof Sun UPF 50+ Bucket Hat UV Protection Packable Brimmed Boonie for Women Men Summer Lightweight Hiking Outdoor Cap Army Green
  • Waterproof for the beach-The mens floppy waterproof sun bucket hat is made of premium waterproof nylon material. Soft, lightweight, waterproof, and also has UPF 50 + sun protection. The wide brim perfectly covers your face and neck from the sun's rays. The waterproof fabric prevents rain from seeping into your head.
  • Breathable to keep cool-The use of high-tech made fabric with a top mesh fabric design makes this outdoor packable fishing brimmed hat easier for moisture and heat to escape while allowing air to pass through the fabric and into your head, keeping you cool at all times.
  • Packable for easier storage-Unique packaged design, easy and convenient to fold the women floppy waterproof sun boonie hat into a small square bag into the accompanying backpack, handbag or pocket. Does not take up any space, and neat. Special material fabric so that after folding will not leave deep creases affect its beauty.Creases caused by shipping can be ironed out with a steam iron. Do not worry that such creases cannot be removed.
  • Adjustable to fit most-The maximum head circumference of this waterproof sun hat is 23.62'', equipped with an innovatively designed adjustable elastic drawstring at the back, one size fits most. Adjustable chin cord always holds the hat firmly in place for a comfortable fit, even in windy, rainy conditions. Comfortable fit for both men and women, a must-have for a fun day at the beach.
  • Versatile for most occasions-With advanced technology and well-made, we aim to provide quick-drying, windproof and breathable sun hats.This wide brim waterproof sun hat is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, beach, gardening, hunting. You can use it as a fishing hat, hiking hat, hunting hat, and bucket hat or just a daily yard work hat.If you have any questions about the waterproof sun uv protection hat, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.

3. ZOORON Sun Hat

Sun Hat for Men Women with Neck Flap,UPF 50+ UV Protective Hiking Fishing Hats,Wide Brim Sun Hat for Women&Men …

If you’re venturing outdoors and need a hat that offers excellent sun protection while being comfortable and stylish, this ZOORON Sun Hat is a worthy pick.

  • Exceptional UV protection for face and neck with UPF 50+ rating
  • Highly adjustable to fit various head sizes, complete with a ponytail hole
  • Lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry on any adventure
  • The adjustable chin strap may not appeal to everyone
  • Those preferring a less conspicuous hat might find the wide brim and neck flap too prominent
  • The durability of the drawstring closure might be a concern over time

On your last hiking trip, you might have noticed how intense the sun can get. That’s where the ZOORON Sun Hat comes in handy with its wide brim and neck flap, ensuring comprehensive sun protection from every angle. After spending hours under the sun, the breathable mesh sides were undeniably a boon, keeping your head cool when the heat was relentless.

This hat isn’t just about functionality; the convenience it offers is apparent in its design. You’ve likely struggled with hats and hairstyles before, but the built-in ponytail hole here is a game-changer. Not to mention, its foldability means it can be stashed in your bag without taking up precious space, a feature much appreciated when packing light.

When it comes to a secure fit, the elastic buckle and adjustable chin strap put any worries to rest. Even when a gusty wind surprised you on an open ridge, the ZOORON Sun Hat stayed neatly in place. However, it’s worth considering the strap’s material and how it’ll hold up over many excursions. Despite that, the comfort and adjustability, as your experiences have showed, make this sun hat an ally for all weather conditions.

Sun Hat for Men Women with Neck Flap,UPF 50+ UV Protective Hiking Fishing Hats,Wide Brim Sun Hat for Women&Men …
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: Made of quality nylon which is quick dry ,lightweight, foldable and waterproof; breathable mesh sides for better air flow which makes your head staying cool on the hot days
  • PERFECT SUN PROTECTION FOR HEAD AND NECK – The outdoor hat has a large wide brim and neck flap to protect you from the blazing sun at all angles. The hat is rated for 50+ UPF to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering complete UV protection for your face, ears, and neck.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Fishing hat with a ponytail hole is specially designed,convenient for womens who have long hair,they can pull messy buns or ponytails when wearing it.Foldable side snaps also allow you to wear the hat in different ways.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST – Casual style unisex sun hat, snug and cosy fit. Hat Circumference: 21 in - 24 in,Wide Brim: 4.9 in. Elastic buckle behind sun hat is for adjusting to fit most adult head sizes.and the adjustable chin strap keeps the hat securely on even in windy weather.
  • PACKABLE AND VERSATILE – The safari hat is foldable and packs down to a small size to easily stow away in a bag, backpack, or luggage for travelling convenience. Simply unpack the hat and shape it back to its original form and it’s ready to be worn again.

4. Muryobao Sun Hat

Women's Sun Hat Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Beach Fishing Cap Pure Grey

You’ll appreciate the blend of functionality and style this sun hat brings for outdoor adventures.

  • Wide brim offering excellent sun protection
  • Mesh panels for increased ventilation
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Limited size adjustability
  • Back opening may not suit all hair types
  • Not completely water-resistant

After spending the weekend in the countryside, I found the Muryobao Sun Hat to be a trusty companion against the glaring sun. Its wide brim casts ample shade over your face and neck, crucial for those long hikes. The breathable polyester fabric combined with the mesh side panels keeps your head cool, even as temperatures soar.

As someone who values convenience, the hat’s foldable design is a standout feature. It fits into my backpack without taking much space, and it’s reassuring to know the shape holds well after unfolding. The adjustable drawstring ensures the hat stays on, even in gusty conditions—a lifesaver when you’re out in the open.

The hat not only protects you from the sun but also adapts to different styles thanks to the side buttons, allowing for a quick switch-up to a more cowboy-esque look. This adaptability makes it a versatile piece in your outdoor attire, easily pairing with various outfits. While it’s not entirely waterproof, a light drizzle won’t hurt it, making it a sturdy addition to your hiking gear.

Women's Sun Hat Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Beach Fishing Cap Pure Grey
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Casual style sun hat, snug and cosy fit. Hat Circumference: 21”-23”, Hat Height: 4.33 inch, Brim Length: 3.35 inch, Chin Drawstring Length:12.99 inch. One size is suitable for most women.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE: The brim is large enough to shade forehead. Inside of the hat is a breathable mesh layer, which can greatly improve cooling, comfortable and airflow. Especially, a ponytail opening in back is considerate design for women. The buttons on both sides of the hat can give you more different styles.
  • MATERIAL: This fashion fishing sun cap is made of quick-drying, breathable polyester. UPF provide you better protection from sunshine and damaging rays for face and neck.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING: Adjustable chin drawstring for fixing the sun hat, especially in windy days. And another drawstring behind the fishing hat is for adjusting the hat circumference to make it most suitable.
  • EASY STORAGE: Rolled up convenient to carry and absolutely save lots of space. It is a perfect hat for beach, fishing, pool, park, hiking, camping, travel, hunting, gardening or any outdoor sports and activities.

5. Beige Sun Hat & Sunglasses Set

Sun Hat for Women with Sunglasses and Hat Clip, Summer UV Protection Wide Brim Ponytail Beach Bucket Hats (One Size, Solid Beige)

If you’re after comprehensive sun protection with a touch of style, this set caters to your outdoor needs effectively.

  • Offers a comfortable fit with adjustable features
  • Sun protection is top-notch, with UPF 50+ fabric for the hat
  • Sunglasses are stylish and effective against glare
  • The wide brim of the hat might be cumbersome in windy conditions
  • Sunglasses may not suit all face shapes perfectly
  • Limited color options restrict style variety

After spending the day hiking under the scorching sun, I’m thoroughly impressed with the sun hat’s performance. The wide brim sheltered my face and neck, and as someone who often struggles with overheating, the breathable fabric kept me surprisingly cool. Pairing the hat with the polarized sunglasses provided relief from the glare, allowing me to enjoy the vistas without squinting.

Adjusting the fit was a breeze thanks to the elastic and chin strap — remarkably important for ensuring the hat stayed put when the wind picked up. It was a hot day, yet I felt my head was well-ventilated, all thanks to the hat’s mesh layer. The convenience of rolling it up and clipping it to my backpack with the included silicone clip can’t go unmentioned; it’s a small detail that made a big difference.

Moreover, having a ponytail hole in the hat was a thoughtful addition. My hair was off my neck, keeping me cooler and making me forget I was wearing a hat at all. The sunglasses added an extra layer of comfort with their UV400 protection and elegant design, helping me look composed even after hours on the trail.

Sun Hat for Women with Sunglasses and Hat Clip, Summer UV Protection Wide Brim Ponytail Beach Bucket Hats (One Size, Solid Beige)
  • WE HAVE A SET FOR YOU:The purchase of my product includes a sun hat, a pair of sunglasses, a glasses case with a glasses cloth, and a hat clip.The women's summer sun hat is a wide-brimmed hat, providing excellent UV protection.Retro oversized square polarized sunglasses, suitable for both men and women, feature a vintage design with UV400 protection and classic metal frames.Silicone hat clip for traveling, a durable grip holder designed to secure hats on backpacks.
  • DESIGN FOR SUMMER: The women's sun hats have a button closure, allowing for style variations on both sides of the bucket hat. Additionally, there is a ponytail hole at the back of the hat for convenience. This design allows easy hair insertion and keeps it away from the neck, eliminating discomfort for those who work outdoors or love outdoor sports. Moreover, buttons on the sides offer further style options.The polarized sunglasses prevent glares from affecting your vision.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL SET:The hat crafted from high-quality, quick-drying polyester, boasts a breathable mesh layer that promotes air circulation and allows moisture and heat to escape easily. The skin-friendly material is lightweight and comfortable.The vintage aviator sunglasses are crafted from stainless steel, imparting a lustrous and crystal-clear appearance devoid of any chemical odor.
  • FUNCTIONAL & PRACTICAL: The women's sunscreen hat has a fluffy wide brim and UPF 50+ sun protection, blocking 98% of harmful rays. Its 3.54" wide brim provides optimal shade for your face, neck, and ears. Whether you're outdoors or working outside, this bucket fishing hat offers superior sunburn protection and is essential for summer. Additionally, it can be easily folded and packed without losing its shape.Polarized sunglasses effectively block glares, unlike standard sunglasses.
  • OCCASSION&ONE SIZE FIT MOST:The women's sun hat and sunglasses set is perfect for a range of activities like fishing, beach outings, hiking, kayaking, hunting, camping, gardening, travel adventures, swimming pool relaxation, safari expeditions, golfing sessions and more.The casual summer sun hat for women provides a comfortable and secure fit with an adjustable elastic and chin strap. It is designed to fit head sizes between 22" and 23", with a hat height of 3.5".

Buying Guide for the Best Hiking Hats for Women

buying guide Best Hiking Hats for Women


When selecting a hiking hat, consider the material for both comfort and functionality.

Look for breathable fabrics like nylon or polyester to wick away moisture and keep your head cool. For sun protection, a tight weave or UPF-rated material is essential.

NylonLightweight, quick-drying
PolyesterBreathable, moisture-wicking
UPF-rated fabricsBlocks harmful UV rays


A good fit is crucial. Ensure the hat sits snugly on your head without being too tight, and consider adjustable features like chin straps or drawstrings for a secure fit in windy conditions.

Fit FeatureFunctionality
Chin strapsSecures hat in wind
DrawstringsAllows for size adjustments

Brim Size

The brim of your hat should provide ample shade for your face.

A brim that’s too small won’t offer sufficient sun protection, while one that’s too large can obstruct vision. Ideally, look for a brim that’s about 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide.

Brim SizeSun ProtectionVisibility
2.5-3.5 inchesOptimalUnobstructed


Proper ventilation reduces overheating.

Features like mesh panels or ventilation grommets increase airflow, which is especially beneficial in hot and humid environments.

Ventilation TypeBenefits
Mesh panelsImproves air circulation
Ventilation grommetsIncreases breathability


A hiking hat should withstand the elements and regular use.

Look for strong stitching and quality construction. A durable hat will also hold its shape and provide consistent protection overtime.

Durability AspectImportance
StitchingPrevents unraveling
Fabric qualityMaintains shape and function


Lighter colors reflect sunlight and help keep you cool, while darker colors can absorb heat.

Choose a color that suits your hiking conditions and personal preference, but prioritize light shades for sun protection.

LightReflects sunlight
DarkAbsorbs heat

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a hiking hat as a woman, focus on sun protection, waterproof features, style, and top-rated choices. Here’s a breakdown of common concerns.

How do I select a hiking hat with adequate sun protection?

Choose a hat with a wide brim of at least 2.5 inches to shield your face and neck. Look for a UPF rating of 50+ to ensure the fabric will block harmful UV rays effectively.

What features should I look for in a women’s waterproof hiking hat?

For waterproof hiking hats, prioritize materials like Gore-Tex or nylon. Check for seam sealing and a water-repellent finish. A moisture-wicking inner band can also enhance comfort.

Which hiking hats for women are considered fashionable yet functional?

Hats that combine fashion with function typically feature trendy designs without compromising on material and build quality. Bucket hats made of quick-drying fabrics and sports visors with adjustable straps are both stylish and practical choices.

What are some of the best-rated women’s hiking hats available on Amazon?

The Columbia Bora Bora Booney Hat and the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap are highly rated on Amazon for their durability and effective sun protection. User reviews can provide valuable insight into overall performance.

How can I find a women’s hiking hat that accommodates a ponytail?

Look for hats with a dedicated ponytail hole or adjustable straps that can accommodate a ponytail. Some designs offer a gap in the back, specifically meant for this purpose.

Why are certain colors of hiking hats recommended for better sun protection?

Lighter colors reflect more sunlight, which can help keep you cooler. Additionally, such colors are less likely to fade from sun exposure, which can compromise the material’s UV protection over time.

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