Wild Camping in Switzerland: Best Places & Legal Locations

Wild camping in Switzerland

Would you like to go wild camping in Switzerland? The country has evolved into a renowned and exciting destination for thousands of explorers.

Switzerland is widely regarded as one of the finest and most gorgeous countries on the planet. This attracts campers around the world.

So, to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular wild camping areas in Switzerland.

This includes both what should be done and what should not.

Where Can You Go Wild Camping In Switzerland?

Wild camping is permitted above the forest canopy in the mountain ranges, on alpine pastures, as well as on rugged terrain in the country.

Camping wild spots in Switzerland

That is the reason going backpacking during the night while hiking (having your bag prepped with your camping equipment in the event of an emergency) is a popular method for discovering camping areas.

Make sure to do your homework on the region you intend to visit to ensure the protection of both you and the territory.

In Which Places In Switzerland Is Wild Camping Prohibited?

In most case scenarios, camping is not permitted in hunting grounds, wildlife sanctuaries, and wild rest areas.

Camping is also prohibited in the well-known Swiss National Parks. Nevertheless, there are certain cases where you can do it in such areas.

So, if you are interested in camping in these spots, the best thing to do is contact the parks and natural reserves by phone.

You can easily find their numbers on Google and it’s very easy to get them on the line.

Can You Get Fined For Wild Camping?

Get ready to be faced with a significant fine in case they catch you wild camping in prohibited areas.

Financial penalties are at a minimum of 1,000€ and can be much higher if they catch you on the spot, as guards and employees in conservation areas may immediately spot you.

It is preferable to go wild camping on land where you know you are permitted to be.

Not only do you want to prevent getting fined, but you also want to prevent future problems and anxiety.

The majority of campers prefer a site over a forest canopy. They are protected there, and the view of the mountain ranges is spectacular.

How To Locate A Legal Wild Camping Location In Switzerland?

Want to start your Wild Camping Expedition but have no idea what to do?

First and foremost, renting a car to get there is a wise thing to plan.

Secondly, fortunately, this app can help you with the right directions on where to go and which places to avoid.

Where Can You Go Wild Camping In Switzerland?

It offers an in-depth look at nature, wilderness, and the nation’s parks.

In addition, it shows all the walking trails in the region for those who want to go on a 24-hour tour instead of camping for the night, while it will also assist you in avoiding camping in prohibited areas.

Where Can You Go Wild Camping In Switzerland?


Nufenenpass is among the highest mountain passes in the Swiss Alps.

To get there, you have to catch a bus that will get you to the top of the Nufenen Pass Passhole mountain pass.

Nufenenpass in Switzerland

The scenery is captivating, with spectacular views of mountain ranges all around.

For people who prefer to be close to bodies of water, there are 2 different mountain ponds near the area.

Camping is permitted in this area, which is regarded as a flat one.


Lauterbrunnen is located to the south of Interlaken. A stunning wild camping location with outlooks on the steep outcrops.

You can catch a train from Interlaken Ost to reach this destination.

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland camping

You will then travel towards the southern part of the region, south of the city. Start your journey to the canyon by hiking across the woods.

You will finally arrive at a bright green area where you will be able to pitch your tent.

And if you are interested in seeing a waterfall whilst hiking 3.9 miles, all you have to do is continue on to the Lauterbrunnen-Mürren path; a beautiful route surrounded by peaks and vegetation.

Lauterbrunnen, in all honesty, requires an overnight stay of relaxation.

So, if wild camping is not your best thing to do, Hotel Staubbach will do an excellent job.


If you are up for a challenge, Arolla is the place to go.

It is the highest European camping location, located at 1,950 meters above sea level.

Arolla in Switzerland

The camping zone is at the foot of the mountainous regions in Val d’Herens-Valais.

If you are not an experienced camper, it’s best not to attempt this one-of-a-kind wild camping location.

The scenery and feel are worth the hilly hike!


Croy is a remote wild camping location in Switzerland.

You can find it on the northern side of Lausanne and can be reached by train from Eclepens.

Croy Switzerland camping

You could also catch a bus from Eclepens to Pompaples. This will take you straight to the vibrant forested land.

The camping space is accessible via walking paths. Relish the region’s remoteness and calm sounds of nature and you won’t regret it!

Vallorbe Caves

Located on the northwestern side of the country, Vallorbe Caves is a site that is quite near the French border.

Vallorbe caves in Switzerland

It has large, forested areas, running rivers, and plenty of wildlife.

You will need to catch a bus to get there from Vallorbe and then walk down Rue des Grottes to get nearer.

After this, you can go anywhere you want in the woods and live your wild camping experience.

The Bottom Line

Wild camping is generally allowed in Switzerland’s areas that are above the tree line.

However, there are some exceptions that allow you to pitch your tent in national parks and natural reserves, but you need to contact the relevant authorities to confirm that with them.

In this article, we shared with you some great spots where you can go wild camping, so keep some notes, make sure you’ve thoroughly planned your itinerary, and pack all the necessary equipment and food supplies with you.

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