10 Vegan Camping Food Ideas That Don’t Need a Fridge

10 Vegan Camping Food Ideas That Don’t Need a Fridge

Going on a camping trip can be great fun, the adventure and lure of nature. Considering camping is about being outdoors, plant-based camping can be considerably difficult. 

Most of the camping food from supermarkets is geared at meat eaters, leaving vegans to fend for themselves to come up with creative meal ideas with limited resources.

Camping on a plant-based diet can be made even more challenging if you’re camping in a tent and you don’t have the resources of a fridge to store your food. 

Don’t worry, to make sure you have the best plant-based camping experience, we’ve put together a couple of our favourite vegan camping food ideas that don’t need a fridge. 

Breakfast Bowl

Camping requires energy, you need to stay sharp to make the most of your day. This requires fueling up with a healthy and filling breakfast. Here are a couple of vegan camping breakfast ideas. 

1. Fruit And Cereal 

Starting your day right is essential to keeping your energy going throughout the day. Whilst camping without a fridge on a plant-based diet is difficult, it is doable and it can be made fun. 

A great morning pick me up is to have a bowl of cereal and crushed fruit. Grab a bowl of berries such as raspberries and blueberries and crush them either in a pestle and mortar or a plastic bag.

Add the crushed berries to a bowl of cereal and mix them. Make sure you go for a vegan friendly cereal or granola for added texture. The juice from the berries will make the cereal moist. This fruit and cereal combination is packed full of fiber and vitamins.

To top it off you can always add sliced banana and a drizzle of vegan honey for some added sweetness. 

This breakfast combination is delicious and filling and doesn’t require a fridge. 

2. Porridge

Oatmeal is a staple and energizing breakfast choice for a lot of people. If you have a stove or fire on the go, all you need is a bag of vegan oats mixed with some water. Place it over the heat until it turns to a thick consistency. Top with banana, berries, and vegan honey.

This is another great breakfast option filled with nutrients and fiber. This vegan breakfast will keep you full throughout the day. These ingredients don’t require refrigeration making them a great choice for camping. 

Go-To Snacks 

Throughout the day you might be on the go, checking out new areas and adventuring. These are times when a snack always comes in handy. Here are a couple of great vegan camping snack ideas to take with you in your rucksack. 

3. Nuts And Seeds 

Nuts and seeds are a great source of protein and they help to keep you full and energized.

These are a great snack to carry with you on a walk as they are easy to carry around and you can just pick as you go along.

If you’d prefer something a bit more solid you could always go for a pack of vegan nuts or seed bars as an alternative. 

4. Fruit And Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another great source of protein and it tastes delicious! If you’re feeling peckish, having some sliced fruit such as apple, banana, melon or orange dipped in peanut butter is a delicious and quick snack.

All of the ingredients don’t require refrigeration making it a perfect camping snack. 

5. Rice Crackers 

If you like the idea of peanut butter but you’re camping for a long period without a refrigerator, you can always substitute your fruit for rice crackers.

A deliciously light snack, rice crackers with peanut butter are fantastic combinations and they are great for eating on the go. 

6. Popcorn

If you like the idea of a dry snack to pick on, popcorn is a great choice. With a variety of flavors of sweet, salted, caramel, etc. These are quick snacks to grab.

If you have a stove or fire going, you could even bring your own popcorn seeds and make your own popcorn to season yourself. These can be put in containers to take with you on your trips throughout the day. 

7. Dried Fruit 

Dried fruits such as figs, apples, mango, etc, have a long shelf life making them a sustainable source of food for your camping trip. Packed with delicious goodness, they are considered nature’s sweets.

They are a great snack to take with you when you need an energy boost.

Dinner Plans 

After a long day of exploring, whether you have a stove or a natural fire going, you deserve a delicious evening meal to restore your energy. Here are a couple of vegan camping dinner ideas. 

8. Rice and Noodles

Rice noodles and nice pots are a great staple dinner base for plant-based camping. As they only require being cooked in water, they are an easy option to go for.

With a variety of tinned vegetable options out there such as broad beans spinach, sweetcorn, etc. All you need is a vegan stock cube on your way to a hearty noodle soup or rice stew. 

Once the water is boiled add your stock and your choice of vegetables and season with salt and chili and any other spices you wish to add. Add your rice and noodles and you’re good to go. 

9. Burrito 

Another delicious vegan dinner option is a burrito. All this requires are vegan wraps and the use of canned beans and vegetables of your choice.

Again all you’ll need is a stove or natural fire to heat the beans (e.g. chickpeas, kidney beans), some tinned tomatoes, and your choice of tinned vegetables. Season with a mix of herbs and spices and place in a wrap. 

This is a brilliant way to get in some carbs. This recipe is delicious and super easy to make. It tastes even better on a natural fire where you get an added smoky flavor. 

10. Baked Sweet Potato And Chili 

This is a great choice of food if you’re looking for something filling. Wrap sweet potato in foil and place in a pot over a fire.

In another pot heat up a can of kidney beans and tinned tomatoes seasoned with chili, oregano, and any other herbs to wish to add. Once the sweet potato is soft, add the chili stew on top. 

This meal goes down a treat and uses minimal ingredients for convenience. 


Camping on a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make it fun by experimenting with food and thinking outside the box. There was a time when people survived without fridges.

The foods above go to show that you can enjoy nourishing and delicious foods whilst camping without a fridge.

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