Can Hiking Boots Be Resoled?

can hiking boots be resoled

It happens to every hiker. Your favourite pair of boots just isn’t holding up like they used to. You’re not getting the same support through your hikes that you have come to expect. This is usually the result of worn-out soles. However, there could be a way to salvage your go-to footwear.

Here, we’ll examine whether you can resole your favourite boots – no matter if they’re trail runners, walking boots, or any other type of outdoor shoe – or if you’ll need to throw them away.

Benefits of Resoling Boots

Resoling boots has more benefits than you might imagine. As any experienced hiker will tell you, breaking in boots can be tough. Hiking boots are stiff and durable, and it might take a few trails – not to mention a few blisters – to break them in. Resoling an otherwise perfectly good pair of boots might be your most convenient option. Plus, it’s often a much cheaper route than buying new hiking boots, though not always.

Can Hiking Boots Be Resoled?

Can hiking boots be resoled

So, can your pair of hiking boots be resoled? Technically, yes. All hiking boots can be resoled if you find a cobbler who’s up to the task. However, there are certain variables that might impact the feasibility.

Most people who are looking to get a boot resoled are only willing to pay a certain amount, which is usually compared against the cost of buying a new boot. If the cost of resoling is too expensive, they might opt for new footwear instead.

The cost of resoling different types of boots will vary, largely depending on their construction. Let’s check out the feasibility of resoling different types of hiking boots:

Resoling Different Hiking Boots

The feasibility of resoling is mostly dependent on how the sole was attached to the boot. Let’s look at the most common situations:

Stitched Soles: A hiking boot is generally much easier and cheaper to resole if its soles were stitched on. This is much more straightforward to remove and reattach.

The main hitch in this process will be whether new soles are available for order. Ideally, a cobbler will want to order new soles from the manufacturer of the boot. This ensures a perfect fit and that your boots function exactly as before.

Assuming this entire process goes well, you can get your boots resoled for about $50-$90. Either way, it will generally be much cheaper than purchasing new footwear.

Moulded: Many modern hiking boots are made with “moulded” soles. This means the sole was moulded on rather than stitched to the fabric. These boots are much more complicated to remove and reattach soles. It can be done by an experienced professional, but it’ll almost always cost more than it’s worth.

If your boots have moulded soles, you are almost always better off purchasing new boots.

How Do I Know if the Sole is In Stock? An easy way to see whether boots can be resoled is to take them to a professional. Of course, professionals cost money. So, if you want to save some money, you can start by checking yourself.

The best way to know if new soles are available is by contacting the manufacturer. If you bought from a reputable boot manufacturer, there should be a number, website, or customer service line where you can reach them. Often, you can send them a picture of your boot, and they’ll let you know whether they can be resoled and whether they stock replacement soles in your country.

Can I Replace the Midsole?

can hiking boots be resoled 2

Some hikers also wonder whether they can replace a worn midsole on a boot.

A midsole isthe layer of a boot which sits between the outsole (usually just called the “sole”) and the insole (the interior layer that touches your feet). It’s quite common for a midsole to become worn down by repeated use.

Replacing a midsole will almostnever be feasible. It’s attached so securely and requires removal of other parts of the boot. It will almost never be worth the cost, especially when compared to the price of new boots.

Once again, an experienced cobbler could technically do it. If price is no issue, it can be done, but it will be more economical to buy new boots.

When Does it Cost Too Much?

Throughout this article, we’ve repeatedly stated whether it is economically feasible to resole a boot, especially when compared to the cost of buying new boots. However, where do you draw that line?

It’s a good idea to purchase new boots if the cost of resoling them would be over 40% of what you would pay for new boots. Resoling boots can extend their life somewhat, but it won’t give you the same extension as buying a new pair. Therefore, past a certain point, it’s more worthwhile to simply buy new boots.

If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll need to buy a replacement pair eventually. Resoling is a great way to extend the life of your favourite pair of boots, but it won’t last forever. Especially when you consider all the other features of a boot that can potentially wear down.

That being said, it’s your decision. We hope we’ve given you some useful advice for prolonging the life of your boots!


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